Motorcycles are the most common means of transportation in Asia.
But at the same time, they are also the most vulnerable methods
of transport contrasting with different vehicles such as cars, trucks
etc. In case of a crash or an accident, bike riders do not have the
security of an enclosed vehicle because of which, chances of being
harmed or even death are higher.
Only those who value your life can create the best for you.
Therefore, to prevent the riders from such circumstances, Gofloat
Tech. brings you India’s first inflatable motorbike jacket. This
jacket not just prevents the riders from injuries, but also gives a
really stylish and edgy look, fulfilling all your fashion and safety
requirements with just one product. It has a safety system
designed to protect the riders and save them from injuries in the

The jacket is attached with airbags to protect motorcycle riders
against accidents, injuries and death. This system deploys an airbag
that surrounds the rider, thus, significantly reducing the risk of spinal
cord injury. The airbag inflates before the rider

crashes and hits the ground and provides impact protection to the
areas of the body vulnerable in a motorcycle crash i.e, back, neck and
chest thus, significantly reducing the risk of death. The airbag AIM
(Airbag Inflation Mechanism) located on the right side of the airbag
serves to break down the effects and decides if to blow the airbags or

Gofloat’s new innovation is not just a safety gear, but also a high
fashion garment. It is made of a really soft fabric that allows you to
enjoy the best and most comfortable experience. It is suitable for all
seasons, be it the scorching summers or freezing winters. The fabric
keeps a stable temperature, coping with the needs of your body.
This sporty jacket comes with a high quality inner lining that
keeps you warm and dry whatever the weather throws your way. It
also has panels of mesh flow air to keep you cool on the hottest

summer days. Shortly putting things, it allows you four seasons
riding comfort with wind, water and stain repellency.

The fabric is not just comfortable but extremely long lasting as
well. It is a one-time investment that’s going to fulfill all your
fashion and safety needs for quite a long time. The jacket is really
sturdy and scratch proof, lasting you for years and years giving a
pure experience of luxury with comfort and protection. It is an ‘all- in-
one’ protection gear. Be it style, snug, safety or richness, you name
it and this jacket has it.
Bringing you the best biking experience, this jacket is made to
revolutionize the automobile industry. It is going to be India’s very first
inflatable jacket. This jacket is bound to fulfill all your fashion and
safety requirements. This is a product made for everyone, each
carefully designed and considered to meet the needs of everyone.
An innovation as unique as this one strives to elevate your lifestyle in
the best way possible

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