Portable and affordable floatation devices

We at GOFLOAT have come up with a solution which will help people to overcome the  threat of drowning. GOFLOAT has developing a floatation & tracking device which is comfortable and easy to use.

GoFloat Belt

GoFloat Belt is an comfortable reactive floatation device designed to reduce the threat of drowning. It is just a simple canvas belt to be wear around the waist. It is Ideal for life guard, Non-swimmers, water sport enthusiast.

Wear the belt around your waist like normal belt
Pull the rope in opposite direction when you feel you are drowning
The tube will inlate around your waist
Once the tube is inlated you’ll get aloat irrespective of weight

GoFloat Manual Inflation Float

GoFloat Manual/Auto Inflation Float specially designed for emergency response teams to save victims in any situations. Due to its portability it is easy to carry and takes very less space in rescue operations as compared to lifejackets. 

GoFloat pouch is an compact Floatation device which you can carry anywhere.
When in need you just need to pull the rope in upside direction to use the device
Once you pull the rope then in Flotation mechanism will trigger and the pouch will inflate to the tube

GoFloat Auto Inflation Float

When you see a person is drowning you need to throw the device in victims direction
Once the device made contact with the water it will automatically inflate the tube within seconds.
Once the tube is fully inflated the victim can grab the inflated tube to stay afloat until the help arrives.

Our USPs

Easy to use

Cost Efficient

Small in size

Global tracking


Foils Secondary Drowning


Disaster Management authority


Indian Coast Guard

Shipping Industry

Water Sports Industry

Watersport enthusiasts

Anyone who requires safety device under water

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